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Our goal is to bring you the very highest quality miniature roses both in variety and plant size. We have been rose growers for over 40 years and have been in the miniature rose growing business for 32 years. Over this time we have grown and evaluated nearly every miniature rose that has existed (well over 1000 varieties.).

We also provide you with the widest range of miniature rose types and varieties including Award Winning Miniature Roses:

Climbing Miniature Roses Exhibition Miniature Roses
Fragrant Miniature Roses Garden Miniature Roses
Hanging Basket Miniature Roses Micro-miniature Roses
Miniature Moss Roses Mini-floras
Miniature shrub roses Single Miniatures

(Descriptions of these miniature types can be found in the rose information FAQ.)



Mini Roses have many uses:

  • In the garden
  • In landscaping
  • In perennial beds
  • Planting in front of larger roses (to hide their bare knees)
  • In hanging baskets
  • As 5 to 7 foot climbers on fences, trellises, arbors etc.

They provide a profusion of beauty and bloom using very little garden space.

MINIATURE ROSES MAKE LOVELY GIFTS for anniversaries, birthdays, children, thank you gifts and all will provide lasting remembrances.

Some suggestions for special occasions:

‘Finest Hour’ ‘Homecoming’
‘Just for You’ ‘Lasting Impression’
‘Love and Kisses’ ‘Loving Touch’
‘Nice Day’ ‘Pretty Woman’
‘Southern Delight’ ‘Top Marks’
‘Work of Art’


First dig a good sized hole, at least 12 inches deep and wide. Save the soil from the top ½ of the hole. Remove and discard the soil from the bottom half. With the top soil mix 50/50 with a good mulch, potting soil or peat moss (you also might use straight potting soil). Plant you new mini roses and water well.

For planting in pots we recommend 50/50 soil and mulch, potting soil or peatmoss, or you may use straight potting soil.

Pot size: 6 inches minimum (this will require more frequent watering), we prefer 8 to 12 inch pots or even larger after a year or two.


I have been breeding miniature roses for nearly 25 years and have introduced the following:

‘Snow Ruby’ ‘Glamour Girl ’
‘Lipstick ‘n’ Lace’ ‘Golden Beauty’
‘Oregon Sunrise’ ‘Fire Storm’
‘Apricot Perfection’ ‘Sweet Shirley’
‘Turlock High’ ‘Ruffles ‘n’ Flourishes’
‘Will o’ the Wisp’ ‘Danny Boy ’

Our importation of the finest European mini rose varieties are added to the fine selection of American varieties. We are the exclusive American introducer of England’s Chris Warner varieties. His award winning Miniflora’s and Miniature climbers add a new dimension to the possibilities for your garden.

Exclusive introductions for 2003 are:
‘Ruby Slippers’ bred by Tom Carruth of Weeks Roses
‘Memphis King’ bred by an award winning mini breeder: Wit Wells of Tennessee.

We look forward to being able to serve you,

John and Louise Clements



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