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The beauty and quality of Miniature Roses have improved tremendously in the three decades I have grown them. Lovely hybrid-tea rose shaped blooms and a wide range of colors have been developed: pink ~ apricot ~ yellow ~ red ~ lavender ~ white and color blends. Sizes range from the tiny micro-miniatures to the miniature climbing roses which grow to six or seven feet tall providing a great abundance of color while taking up a minimum of space in the garden.

Miniature roses have a multitude of uses. They can be planted in pots for the patio deck or garden planted anywhere amongst your perennials or in the rose garden. They produce bursts of color and hide the bare canes of the larger hybrid tea roses. Miniature roses also make great landscape plantings. Miniature rose bushes can be used for lovely low hedges and borders. Many miniature rose varieties make adorable little cut bouquets for the home and special occasions. They make wonderful gifts for friends and neighbors and are especially wonderful as gifts for children.

Our miniature roses will last for many rewarding years in the garden and are actually more winter hardy than their larger hybrid tea rose cousins.